Q: What is PDI relationship with DIRECTV®?

A: PDI is a Distributor of DIRECTV® hardware intended for the MDU, Commercial and Hospitality marketplaces. PDI works with its nationwide affiliate of local system operators to help facilitate a turnkey install.

Q: I am in a hotel, do I have receivers in each room?

A: Yes, mini receivers behind or near TV, if going with DIRECTV DRE. NO, if it is a COM2000 HD head end. COM2000 system will consist of DIRECTV receivers all in one LOCKED server room w air co required.

Q: I live in a condo and we do not want 300 satellite dishes, can you help?

A: Yes, most of the time this not an issue. Our local service operators offer a single dish solution, depending on current contracts in place.

Q: Can I get local channels in my area?

A: Yes 98% of the time, based on your location

Q: How do you service my hotel from FL, when I am located in NY?

A: PDI is a DIRECTV MSO. We contract our work to our trusted local installer-operator affiliates throughout the USA. They are fully trained, certified and able to perform same work as PDI.

Q: How much will the system cost?

A: This depends on programming packages and what system you go with. DRE or COM2000. Please speak with a salesman for a free quote.

Q: How big are the Satellite dishes?

A: Generally 36 to 48 inches. PDI use bigger dishes to prevent rain fade.

Q: How long is the contract for service?

A: If purchased outright, there is a one year commitment. If it is leased, there is a five year commitment.

Q: Does DIRECTV® have an annual rate increase?

A: DIRECTV itself does not, but the programmers (HBO, ESPN, FOX, etc) could. In the event they do you are able to switch to another programmer unless there are any unfulfilled obligations with that programmer.

Q: I currently have 120 channels at an average cost of ____.  Can PDI give me a better deal?

A: Most of the time, only 40 or 50 of those 120 channels are actually viewed. Why not take a 40 or 50 channel system with the channels you want? In that case we can usually give you a better deal.

Q: How long will it take for my system to be installed?

A: Depending on location, we need about a three week lead time from date of purchase until it is complete operational.

Q: How many channels can I get?

A: Click HERE for Channel Line.